A ‘very’ long list of words to avoid when writing

I’m in the editing phase for a novel right now and I have been searching through my first draft (thanks Ctr+f) and deleting and editing certain phrases. I already knew to avoid words such as ‘suddenly’ and ‘a lot’. But there are so many more I had no idea about!

The general consensus from all the writers (in the resources listed below) is that certain words need to be cut from your lovely masterpiece if it is to have any chance of succeeding, but in my opinion, never forget what Chuck Wendig tells us: “…fuck success, fuck selling this book, fuck being someone else, fuck writing rules, fuck it, fuck it all.”

So just go ahead and write whatever the fuck you want, k?

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10 things you need to know before you date a writer

1. Some people will wonder if you even have a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner

When a writer is in the middle of a novel they will often become a hermit, sheltering in their study wrapped in a blanket, with coffee in one hand, and chocolate in the other. While you may notice that they might not necessarily be writing (in fact they might just be staring at the screen) don’t ever try and coax them out of their writing-coma to attend a party or other social gathering. They won’t be interested. Let them be. Soon they will emerge and be ready to mingle.

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10 blogs writers should be following by new & upcoming authors

Since re-animating my long dead twitter, I have uncovered a whole new world of literary connections. Among them are thousands upon thousands of blogs written by new, aspiring and upcoming authors. After combing through at least two hundred websites, during which I found a few spectacular duds, I managed to uncover some gems (please note I did not find these blogs from DMs, but from good all fashion hunting #mondayblogs #amwriting):

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