When you’re single & a romance writer on February 14th

On February 14th 2016 I’ll be in Paris sipping a ristretto and eating macarons at Ladurée’s on the Champs-Élysées! Ok I’ll admit that’s not quite the truth… I actually plan to spend my Valentine’s Day working on my romance novel while watching something along the lines of Sense and Sensibility or Emma. I think it’s hilariously ironic that I’m single and love writing romance stories, so on February 14th I think I might invest particular attention on some of the more angsty, we-will-never-end-up-together-but –then-we-do scenes. May as well let someone get some love in this world, even if it’s only fictional!

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Funny story titles from when I was younger

So I was going through my old stories that I started and later ditched long, long ago, and had a chuckle at my own expense at some of the VERY silly titles I used to come up with. I thought I might share them with you! Some of them are corny, weird or just plain unoriginal.

All I can say is…


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