Save the Earth. It’s the only planet with chocolate

A random bit of flash fiction for you…

Chocolate addicts. They are tortured souls of anguished endeavours, of which I would speak in earnest if my own questionable advice, neither audible nor portrayed in any regular sense, was not dimmed somewhat by their knowledge of the weakness that equally consumes me. I see the poor reflection in their eyes, shamefully understanding that my vague protests are easily refutable.

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When you’re single & a romance writer on February 14th

On February 14th 2016 I’ll be in Paris sipping a ristretto and eating macarons at Ladurée’s on the Champs-Élysées! Ok I’ll admit that’s not quite the truth… I actually plan to spend my Valentine’s Day working on my romance novel while watching something along the lines of Sense and Sensibility or Emma. I think it’s hilariously ironic that I’m single and love writing romance stories, so on February 14th I think I might invest particular attention on some of the more angsty, we-will-never-end-up-together-but –then-we-do scenes. May as well let someone get some love in this world, even if it’s only fictional!

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Funny story titles from when I was younger

So I was going through my old stories that I started and later ditched long, long ago, and had a chuckle at my own expense at some of the VERY silly titles I used to come up with. I thought I might share them with you! Some of them are corny, weird or just plain unoriginal.

All I can say is…


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