The Cool Kids of WordPress

I’ve been collecting a list of WP bloggers with an insane amount of followers who focus primarily on writing. No doubt you’ve come across most, if not all of these writerly scholars who meander about WordPress, affecting us with their Hollywood connections, best seller success, dreamy wordiness or their delicately composed poems that touch on the otherworldly.

The curiosity of cats dictates that we want to know all about them. Who are they? What’s their cat’s name? Do they even have a cat? Why are they being so cryptic in their About page? And how on Earth did they get so many followers? There are a variety of reasons why they got to where they are, reasons which you will no doubt uncover if you visit their blogs. So far my list only includes bloggers I’ve stumbled across since 2015. I’m sure there are plenty more out there… just waiting to be found!

Name Link WP Followers Total 

(if known)

Cristian Mihai Cristian Mihai 111,704 120,524
Jason C. Cushman Opinionated Man – HarsH ReaLiTy 55,708 55,808
Kristen Lamb Kristen Lamb 31,000 34,407
John Scalzi Whatever 27,086  
Kent Wayne Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha 11,854 11,883
Mike Allegra Hey Look A Writer Fellow 11,741 11,772
Luther M. Stiler Infinite Free Time 10,244 20,772
Ryan Lanz A Writer’s Path 9,896 10,050
Bitter Ben Ben’s Bitter Blog 8,755 9,671
Sarah Doughty Heartstring Eulogies 8,633 12,543
Lynette Noni Lynette Noni 7,080 9,634
Claire A Little Blog of Books 6,047 7,223
Unknown All Romance Reads 5,707 5,854
Phil Philosopher Mouse of the Hedge 5,331  
Sue Vincent Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo 5,295 12,944
C.p. Singleton Madstoffa’s Crunchy House 5,208 5,963
Austin L. Wiggins Writings By Ender 4,674  
Richard M. Ankers Richard Ankers 4,571 6,292
D. Wallace Peach Myths of the Mirror 2,049 4,177
Luane Writer Site 3,887  
Morgan Booknvolume 3,841 17,479
Patrick W. Marsh What the Monster Said 3, 717 4,707
Jacquelineobyikocha A Cooking Pot and Twisted tales 2,988 9,717
Jenny Jenny in Neverland 2,266 9,368
Hugh W. Roberts Hughes Views and News 1,956 12,075


Honourable Cat Mentions

Nicola L Robinson Katzenworld 7,909 45, 848
Caroline Beauty is a Sleeping Cat 1,394  
Bailey Blue Bailey Boat Cat 2,267  


Last Updated March 21st 2017

P.s Feel free to let me know in the comment section if there is a (writing related) blogger you think I should add to my list 🙂


150 thoughts on “The Cool Kids of WordPress

  1. Fascinating read, thanks! It’s always interesting/helpful to see what people write, how they conduct themselves online and how many followers they manage to attain by doing so! This is a challenge for me. Up until recently, I’ve been using twitter, but I find it can often be like a social cocktail party, i.e lots of noise and not a lot of interaction. It’s good for fast posts regarding new material, or thoughts, but not so much connecting and being a part of a community of link minded people. After reading your post, I want to make a change by being more interactive, and hopefully, I will learn a thing or two along the way!


  2. Hey Millie, you should think about contacting each of these bloggers and creating a follow-up curated post of their advice on how to build a following for a writerly blog. Just ask for like 2-3 sentences from each blogger. We all would eat that up!

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  3. Hey, I made the list. That’s sort of shocking. Ha ha. I’m far from some of the huge blogs you have listed, Millie, and I’ve never actually “tried” to grow my blog. I just have fun, visit, and I always reciprocate. It is a nice community. Happy Blogging!

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    1. I think the biggest key to being on my list is being really friendly and super involved in the WordPress community (or blog a lot), which you are! And that’s crazy that you’ve never tried to grow your blog, you must just be a natural blogger! ☺ half the time I don’t have time to respond to people on here, though it’s my absolute favourite thing to do in the world. I love so many people on here ❤️ if I didn’t have a full time job and part time study I’d be on here all day ☺☺

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  4. My point is that being premium doesn’t build an audience. An active blogger does. I’ve built blogs with thousands of subscribers just by going out and meeting people. Conversing like you and I. 🙂


  5. I really enjoyed this post. Thanks for doing all the hard word and curating those blog sites!
    BTW, I have 1&1/4 cats. The 1/4 is for our cat who decided to leave his brother and move in next door. We only see him occasionally 😹

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      1. Well, Sunny (ginger cat) strolled into our house and refuse to leave after that so we sort of adopted him. Then he was bored and lonely so we adopted Matcha (another ginger) from the SPCA. Minka (tabby) was rescued by us when she was stuck in a drainpipe.

        They love us as much as we love them (and maybe more)! We have an automated feeder and poop machine so the work is easier.

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  6. LOL, I’m cool–yay!!!! And most of these blogs are new to me, so thanks! BTW, I have FIVE cats: Pear Blossom, Felix ScoobyDooby Man, Tiger Queenie, Kana Bear, and Sloopy Anne. No better combo than writing and cats. I’m so sorry about your cat Moet (I saw the pic on your bio). My oldest cat died two years ago this coming summer, and I still miss him.

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    1. You have FIVE cats? I just asked Kally from MiddleMe how on Earth she manages with three… hahaha I absolutely LOVE the name Pear Blossom. I hope you don’t mind if I steal that name one day! And I’m sorry about your cat too, it is so tough losing a pet, I didn’t realise how much I loved Moet until he vanished!

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      1. I didn’t intend to have 5, but the 5th one had been at the shelter for two solid years, and I couldn’t stand that idea. She’s an adorable little calico with a tortie back. You can have Pear Blossom haha. It comes from the children’s book The Korean Cinderella.

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        1. Oh she sounds so pretty! That’s a really long time for a cat to be at a shelter. My kitten was six months old when I finally adopted him, he’d been advertised since he was a kitten by the RSPCA. He is the most beautiful cat !! I’ll have to look up Korean Cinderella ☺ I’d love to rename Sven to pear blossom but I’m not sure he’d agree hahah (I just kept his name from the shelter, but I wish I’d thought of something cool!)


        1. My point is that being premium doesn’t build an audience. An active blogger does. I’ve built blogs with thousands of subscribers just by going out and meeting people. Conversing like you and I.


    1. You have a wonderful blog!! You will not believe how many bloggers I’ve found over the years with 1k-2k followers who have AMAZING blogs. No doubt in a few months to a few years they’ll have tens of thousands of followers too – as it’s the content of the blog that really matters the most 🙂

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  7. “I wish I could be like the cool kids/Cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in.” That lyric describes how I feel reading those numbers. WOW! I love how you have an honourable cat mention list. That’s so you!

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    1. Omg you are so spot on with about the Cool Kid’s song! Hahaha I’m imagining the lyrics right now! And yes, couldn’t do a post without throwing in a few cats for good measure! I’m well on my way to being a crazy cat lady 🙂


    1. Anything for a cat friend! Seriously though, I absolutely love your blog – a go to spot for anything and everything cat related! I could spend hours trawling through your website and the posts your wonderful group of bloggers present – and on such a regular basis too 🙂

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  8. I don’t think I’ve been called a cool kid for the last few decades… if ever 🙂 Thanks for including me in your list, Millie. Sad to say, I have a dog and a load of fish, but my cat is only a part-timer… I get to look after my son’s cat, Boots, every day.

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        1. she might like a kitten. My ancient cat is in her 19th year, and she loves dogs. I do not, so I have cats. Mrs. Tinky does not like kittens, but bring a puppy around and she adores it immediately.


          1. we live in a wooded area, and have all sorts of critters. I do not feed them, but they help themselves to the cat food and the cats don’t mind. Young kittens will even eat from the same dish.


          2. sounds lovely. I walk in the back in my tree garden which I have developed over the past decade. Peggy the black and white cat will accompany me usually. She loves the camera…thinks she’s a model.


      1. Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestion! I’ve just spent the last hour making my way through Kristen’s blog! She has so many amazing and instructive blog posts on writing that I’m surprised I haven’t found her yet! Thank you! I love the last one she just posted: – this one has definitely inspired me to try harder. I’ve just added her to the list and I’m personally really happy to have a girl in the top 5 🙂

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