200,000 views on YouTube!

My sister has a beautiful voice, but is too shy to sing in front of others. So, what did I do? I took a video of her singing ‘Skinny Love’ by Birdy and uploaded it to YouTube – without telling her! And now, if you can believe it, it’s jumped to over 200,000 views in the last week!

Here’s the video (I apologise for the bad quality and vertical video! A big no-no apparently):

So last year (2016) I put a video of my little sister, T-Ra, singing on YouTube. To be fair, she did joke about it, but I don’t think she actually thought I’d go through with it! To explain, she’s pretty shy, has never had a singing lesson in her life and also taught herself to play guitar. She also gets really nervous just at the thought of singing in front of other people. In fact, for quite a while she would only ever sing in front of me.

We’d always joked about uploading a video of her singing to YouTube, but I don’t think my sister actually thought I’d be game enough to do it.

After I uploaded the video in May 2016, I completely forgot about it for a few months… until one day I jumped on and discovered it had about 600 views! To be honest, at that time I thought that was a HUGE amount.

Before it reached 1,000 views I confessed to T-Ra about the secret video. When she saw the amount of views she absolutely freaked out, but thankfully I managed to persuade her to keep the video up. And I’m so glad I did!

Shy sister thinks she can’t sing!’ is now at 200,000 views and counting!

Seeing my sister’s reaction to all the lovely comments is really heart-warming. And her confidence is definitely growing, as she’s started singing in front of my parents and has even sung for the first time in front of a crowd at a karaoke night in our small country town! Sadly I was overseas at the time, otherwise I’d have been there filming as usual.

We recently posted another video to our channel ‘Millhouse & T-Ra’. Once again, I caught my sister completely unawares while singing in front of my parents:




30 thoughts on “200,000 views on YouTube!

  1. You are doing so well! Are you doing any promotions etc? I am struggling to get even 50 views of most of my vids…. my channel is Tivamoo and any feedback/ recommendations are welcomed!


  2. Millie,
    How very sweet! It’s so lovely to support others in their expressions of creativity. I have a shy daughter, just as you have a shy sister…I finally talked her into letting me post a picture of her on my blog. She’s beautiful, I think, just as your sister is.
    Best to you and your sister,

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  3. 200,000 views is incredible!! I remember when you first posted that video on your blog. Wow, good job to both you and your sister; her for being so talented and you for having the presence of mind to videotape her unawares and load it onto the ‘net where others could enjoy her beautiful singing.

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    1. Thanks eve!! I can’t believe that when I first posted about it, it only had about 10k views ! But at the time it seemed such a huge amount. Thank you so much for your lovely words, I’ll let my sister know, she’ll be stoked to read them ☺ ☺

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