Finding a literary agent in Australia

It is a woeful tale, known the world over by every budding author out there who has ever experienced the pain of rejection, yet still retains some semblance of hope. There are thousands, if not millions of us out there who have already tasted that soul-destroying sting, yet still hunt down literary agents regardless, with a rosary bead in one hand, and a crucifix in the other. Because we all know that if you’re going to have any success in this game, you’re going to need God (or an insane amount of talent) on your side.

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We reached half a million views on YouTube!!

Yep it happened! You may have seen my earlier post from when my sister’s video reached 200,000 views on Youtube.  It eventually slowed down until it was only getting 200-300 views a day, but the views have been skyrocketing again since April 28th, and have just hit 500,000!!

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