We reached half a million views on YouTube!!

Yep it happened! You may have seen my earlier post from when my sister’s video reached 200,000 views on Youtube.  It eventually slowed down until it was only getting 200-300 views a day, but the views have been skyrocketing again since April 28th, and have just hit 500,000!!

This is the video in question if anyone wants to watch it (you can see my feet and sandals in the video so technically I’m famous too):

We’re going to do a Q&A for our next video, so if any of you lovely bloggers have any questions, fire away below (and I’ll make sure they get featured)!

We only have about 820 subscribers at the moment, so I’m looking forward to when we reach 1,000! There’s just something about 1k that makes you look like a real, bona fide YouTuber.

I think you only start to become YouTube famous when you have at least 100k subscribers. And even if we did reach that number one day, it would be my sister who gets famous, not me. *sigh*

Advertisements started playing when our video got to about 230,000 views, and we couldn’t figure out why. At that stage I hadn’t turned monetization on, and really had no intention too. Turns out that the copyright owner of the song claimed the video and were now (rightfully) making money off my sister’s Skinny Love cover.

So I thought, why not participate in the revenue sharing if the ads are going to be up anyway? Sadly I only turned monetization on after we reached 430,000 views.

Everyone seems to be so coy about admitting how much money they make from YouTube. I’m not sure if there is some unspoken rule about it or that it’s simply taboo, but you’ll be hard-pressed to find information on exactly how much other YouTubers make (although everyone knows PewDiePie makes about 7 million a year). Although, there is a website called Socialblade that gives great estimates.

I think most people won’t admit how much they make because… they probably don’t make much.

Some say you can make around $800 – $1,000 per 1 million views, but I’m guessing this does not include revenue sharing videos. And then of course some YouTubers get a higher rate (like say 7 cents as opposed to 4 cents per add impression).

When you finally do find a vlogger who’s made a video on how much they’ve made, you have to wade through about 20 minutes of prattle before they finally tell you. (But I understand why they do it, videos about YouTube income garner MILLIONS of views.)

But anyway, on to the important stuff…

Here’s what we’ve made based on 70,000 views:

$20.42 !!

Or around $5 a day!

Then we split that by two (my sister and I):

$10.21 each – 35% tax ($3.57)

= $6.64 each


Totally winning at life.

We’ll be multimillionaires in no time.

But… you don’t get paid until you’ve made at least $100… THANKS GOOGLE.

If I’m doing the math right, if I’d been collecting revenue for the entire 500k views, we could have made $145.85 or around $300 per 1 million views.

SocialBlade estimates my yearly earnings from YouTube at $649 – 10.4k. Not too bad!

The funny thing is, I initially set up my channel to be writing & book related (aptly named ‘The Cat’s Write’), and had envisioned myself as a famous book vlogger, impressing subscribers with my witty one liners and insightful book reviews that would be renowned the world over and quoted in the New York Times.

But then I decided to secretly upload a video of my sister singing as a bit of a joke. And against all odds, it just EXPLODED (although it took 5 months for that to happen).

p.s I’m always looking for new book/writing vloggers, so let me know if there is anyone cool you subscribe to on YouTube so I can check them out!

Maybe I could even make a list?

The Cool Kids of YouTube?


Last months video:


27 thoughts on “We reached half a million views on YouTube!!

  1. How is it that there are so many wonderful things going on in the world and I don’t know about them! Thanks for sharing all your secrets. I’m going to listen to the videos now. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.


  2. Thanks for this information – I had no idea ‘ordinary’ people could make any money out of Youtube – I am a bit behind the times! Small beginnings may lead to greater things.


  3. Congratulations!! I’ve literally only earned pennies off of my blog posts but it still generates a huge amount of excitement for me. Not that I have $.05 but that ANY amount of money could be made from something I wrote. Good for you guys! I’m sure the amounts will get only get higher and higher for you. Great feeling.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you for posting all the info about U-tube. Most aren’t that honest about the revenue. It helps, and when I ask questions about filming for my channel (because I have no subscibers yet lol) people refuse to answer or help another. Ithought we were all in this together! I guess there afraid others may discover there secrets, I’ll be sure to follow in U-tube. I’ve had a channel for sometime I started becoming really active and filming the last few months when I realized you could create and make a little cash flow, don’t need alot, just a little extra to help m husband out, I’m a full time student then hoping to monetize my website. Were in rural Ky. no jobs here lucky my husband has a job! Thank you so much loved your post. Thank you for being honest. Every little bit helps in a time of need. I think I’ve generated .13 cents last time I checked! Like you said I’ll be cashing out & be rich n no time! Yeah rite! Have a blessed day! Loved your post! my ull website is beehumblewithme.com this is my first blog on wordpress (the other one please subscribe I’d love tha!! And check out my channel I could use the support! You ROCK!


  5. 500 000 views is absolutely amazing, congratulations!!! I subscribed 🙂
    I think that on average Youtubers make one dollar for every thousand views, but it can be more or less depending on what kinds of ads run and what kinds of ads they decide to place (like skippable ads vs. those ones that just hang over part of the video )


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