About me, so I’m from the New England in Australia. Some bloggers mistakenly think I’m from the New England in the US, but I really don’t mind, any way to bond is fine by me!

I work as a Quality Officer during sunlight hours and blogger/writer/student by night. I have zero cool writing achievements to my name, which is why I’m about to give you a really interesting spiel about my really interesting life…

On a ‘normal’ day you will most likely find me walking my fat cavalier, sipping a vanilla latte, studying astronomy, conjuring up really bad poems for Instagram, blogging about cats into the wee hours of the morning, dreaming about going hiking or sailing or anything else outdoorsish and participating in #1linewed on Twitter. Oh and I fit in writing somewhere there too! Just so you know, I do have real-life friends. We hang out all the time.

I also (strangely enough) love coffee & chocolate. And wait yes, I do have a cat too. You may notice that I love writing about/with/through cats (and if you haven’t…um). I really do apologise if cats are not your cup of tea, but I just can’t help myself. If you don’t like cats, that’s OK, I’m a dog person too, so we can still be friends.

Sven, writing buddy 

Besties watching TV, Sven & Poppy

My first cat
Moët just before he disappeared – Easter 2016
Feel free to say hi in the comment section, I love to have a chat!

If you would like to stalk me, you can find me @ Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and I’m also on Goodreads!


157 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Millie, thanks for the follow! I’m always happy to connect with new kindred spirits (y’know, writers) because we are a motley and rather suspicious bunch, not to be trusted when we put our minds together 😉


  2. Am I ever happy to have discovered your blog. 🙂 I absolutely love the posts that I’ve read so far. I’m also a coffee lover which explains the name of my blog. I’m so looking forward to following your posts!

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  3. Thank you for the follow! You have some lovely pictures of your cats, and I hope Moet returns to you. I’m sorry to hear about the rejections from the agents. Perhaps if you were to have some beta readers help you revise and edit, you could try again soon.
    I wish you the best of luck!
    -Author S


  4. hi millie – so nice to meet you. i love your happy blog and look forward to reading more. thanks for reading and following me too. p.s. i have an aussie son-in-law from western australia – best, beth


  5. Hi Millie. Thank you for liking some of my recent posts. I’m passionate about writing, chocolate and coffee too! I think your fascination with cats is pretty unique. At least it helps you stand out from the pack. Lol.

    I look forward to reading more of your work. I hope to become as successful of a blogger as you are someday.


  6. Millie,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking the time to read and “like” my musings and ponderings from the heart. It means the world to me just to have stopped by. Take care!

    Christopher Michael

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  7. Unless I’ve misunderstood something, you like chocolate and coffee, and you make tea from cats? That’s oddly interesting! Welcome to the blogosphere, as though I’m the welcomizer. If you know what this means, you’re a bonzer lolly.

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  8. Hello, you have a lovely blog, and your animals are beautiful! While I’ve never had a cat myself (family had one when I was two, but that doesn’t count haha), they seem like magnificent, albeit mischievous animals. I also wanted to thank you for the follow! I’d love to hear your feedback on any piece!
    Happy reading and writing!
    -Author S

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  9. Hello! Thank you for your encouragement on my story, Leoshine! I really like your approach with cats and writing. The internet blogging is one big conversation and you are exactly the kind of person I am hoping to find!
    I’m in Calgary, Alberta with Potjie and Hector, an English Blue, who is actually black in colour, and a tabby, and Stella, the great Pyrenees cross who keeps us all in line.

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    1. Thank you!! And no way, you’re in Calgary, ALberta!? I LOVE Calgary. I was only visiting Canada (mainly Alberta) just this year in July. I stayed with my friends who were living in Mckenzie Lake, and they’ve just moved to Mahogany. How’s it all going over there? There were some pretty fantastic storms while I was there – Calgary stampede was a bit of a wash out but the rain just made it more interesting. The mud during the chuck wagon events was insane though! You sound like you have your hands pleasantly full with some feline friends and a dog 🙂


  10. Hi Millie, thank you for your follow and likes – great blog! Your cat & dog are adorable together, and I really hope Moet turns up one day soon. I’ve got two cats & two dogs and they get along pretty well – plus they don’t harass the four chickens too much 😉

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    1. Thank you!! I keep praying Moet will return one day, I just wish I knew what happened to him… Oh you have two cats & two dogs! I’d love more pets but I always think it would be like having children – one is manageable, but as soon as you have two your whole life is turned upside down! I’m glad to hear they get along – that sounds pretty perfect 🙂 And chickens!! I want chickens so bad too !

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      1. That would be the worst, not knowing but I do hope he’s found somewhere nice. It’s lovely having this many but yep, it’s a handful – they do all get along but it took a lot of time and we were lucky, too! And chickens are amazing creatures, their social behaviour, communication & interactions are fascinating – sometimes hilarious & sometimes awful 😉


    1. Thank you! I understand your pain – I lived in the UK for 6 months while I was at university – there’s nothing quite like returning home and being blinded by the sun, feeling your skin just soaking up the vitamin D and the sharp sting of sunburn … 🙂

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      1. Going back is definitely returning home. I spent today wrapped up in my parker coat with the heating on full blast. I’m at the stage of joining our Komodo Dragon in its case and sleeping on a rock haha


  11. Thank you for following! I live in the U.S. New England so we already have a lot in common (along with loving writing, chocolate, and coffee). Lots of chocolate and coffee is probably all anyone needs in order to write. It looks like you’ve got a great focus group there too!

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    1. Awesome! Happy to connect with a fellow New Englander! I even went to the University of New England, do you have one too in the U.S.? Actually scratch that I just did a google search and found it ! Very cool 🙂 Seriously if you ever come across a writer there will no doubt be coffee & chocolate somewhere in the vicinity hahah


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