There’s writing rules, and then there’s Chuck Wendig

In my first big edit of my current WIP, I was keeping an eye out for simple spelling and grammar mistakes and glaring plot holes. Now that I am doing another more thorough edit of my novel, all I had to do was look up ‘Words to avoid while writing’, and I uncovered a whole new, confusing web of knowledge that makes my brain ache.

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Killing off a favourite character

In one of my previous posts I wrote that one hallmark for good teenage angst is this:

Either chooses original first love, or the first dies and he/she chooses the second (can be reversed)

I’ve written my novel in such a way that it could be either. I feel that either situation could work (and both would be emotionally painful as intended for the reader), but there’s no doubt that one death would be more ‘angsty’ than the other.

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That time you accidentally write a YA novel

The basic requirements for a young adult, (fantasy) novel

Young white girl (or harry potter)

Has a special, hidden power

Father or mother died when he/she was young (or maybe not O_o)

Usually an only child and lives with relatives or mother

Enters or discovers a new world

Falls in love, but it’s SUPER complicated

But then suddenly there’s another one he/she also falls in love with

Moral dilemma, who will he/she choose?

And how can he/she save the world?

Finds out he/she is royalty or some kind of half-mythical creature

The bad guy might not necessarily be the bad guy

Saves the world using special powers

Finally reunited with father (wait, he’s alive?)

Either chooses original first love, or the first dies and he/she chooses the second


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A ‘very’ long list of words to avoid when writing

I’m in the editing phase for a novel right now and I have been searching through my first draft (thanks Ctr+f) and deleting and editing certain phrases. I already knew to avoid words such as ‘suddenly’ and ‘a lot’. But there are so many more I had no idea about!

The general consensus from all the writers (in the resources listed below) is that certain words need to be cut from your lovely masterpiece if it is to have any chance of succeeding, but in my opinion, never forget what Chuck Wendig tells us: “…fuck success, fuck selling this book, fuck being someone else, fuck writing rules, fuck it, fuck it all.”

So just go ahead and write whatever the fuck you want, k?

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