How to successfully query a literary agent – with cats

I was initially going to call this blog ‘How it feels to be rejected by literary agents’, but that’s super depressing, why not focus on the positive this time? My novel, Mesmerise, has been officially rejected (since last friday) by the grand total of five literary agents I was able to query it with. Most of my initial queries were actually successful, and (another bonus) I learned heaps of valuable info about the query process, which should come in handy for the next round – submitting to publishers.

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The nine stages of writer’s block – with cats

Some people say writer’s block doesn’t exist. That it’s just epic procrastination and laziness tied up in a pretty package. But it does exist. Oh. Hell. Yes. It. does. Sometimes it can last from a few hours to a few years (true story!) but the journey is still the same…

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Funny story titles from when I was younger

So I was going through my old stories that I started and later ditched long, long ago, and had a chuckle at my own expense at some of the VERY silly titles I used to come up with. I thought I might share them with you! Some of them are corny, weird or just plain unoriginal.

All I can say is…


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