We reached half a million views on YouTube!!

Yep it happened! You may have seen my earlier post from when my sister’s video reached 200,000 views on Youtube.  It eventually slowed down until it was only getting 200-300 views a day, but the views have been skyrocketing again since April 28th, and have just hit 500,000!!

200,000 views on YouTube!

My sister has a beautiful voice, but is too shy to sing in front of others. So, what did I do? I took a video of her singing ‘Skinny Love’ by Birdy and uploaded it to YouTube – without telling her! And now, if you can believe it, it’s jumped to over 200,000 views in the last week!

Shy sister thinks she can’t sing !

My sister has a beautiful voice (she’s the pretty singer, I’m the nerdy writer). So, what did I do? I secretly filmed her singing ‘Skinny Love’ by Birdy and uploaded it to YouTube! How else was I supposed to get others to hear her sing?